Facebooker suddenly becomes an expert on Lee K Yew after reading bio on Wikipedia

A 30 year old Ghanaian man is parading himself on Facebook as an expert on the life and the political contributions of Lee Kuan Yew after a quick read of the late Singaporean leader’s biography on Wikipedia.

The man with the Facebook account name Nana Too Know, is believed to have first heard of Lee Kuan Yew only after the name started trending on the various social media platforms following Lee’s passing on Monday, 23 March. After a brief read up on Wikipedia, Nana felt equipped enough to add to the Lee Kuan Yew hashtag.

By Monday evening, photos and quotes of Lee Kuan Yew were ubiquitous on his Facebook wall. That was before he had engaged in heated exchanges with fellow Facebookers over Singaporean politics and also berated other “ignorant” Facebook friends who confessed to not knowing the Singaporean politician before his death. Nana Too Know later wrote on his wall: “How can you not know President Lee Kuan Yew?! #Ignoramus”

In a conversation with our reporter this morning, Nana Too Know said he will be happy to take part in radio discussions about the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew. “I have read a few more articles about Lee Kuan Yew, so I guess that makes me an ace historian on that subject.”

The 30 year old Facebooker who is currently unemployed said he is hoping to find a job at a radio station as a social commentator. “I have the skill set to become a successful social commentator; I can pose as an expert on any subject by simply reading a few lines on Wikipedia,” he explained.

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