Ferguson ranked next to Islamic State on Global Terrorism Index

The brutality of Ferguson’s police force has earned the US city of Ferguson a deserved place next to the equally vile extremist Islamic State on the Global Terrorism Index.

A new global report which described both the IS jihadists and Ferguson’s Police force as “mad men with weapons and a sole aim of killing the innocent and defenceless” also noted the similarities in the mode of operation of both terrorist groups. “The Ferguson Police Force like the IS likes to slaughter their victims in a merciless and inhumane fashion. Although the jihadists usually behead their victims while the Ferguson Police Force slaughters with bullets, both methods are just as barbaric,” the report noted.



The report also suggests that although both groups are deemed an imminent threat to humanity, the Islamic State has received worldwide condemnation while the barbaric killings in Ferguson continues to be treated as a trivial American domestic issue. It further suggests that ” the unjustified killings by the Ferguson Police Force and other similar actors in the US” be met with the same force and condemnation that has been dedicated to the IS jihadists.

“Surely, killing people for not sharing your religious view is just as bad as killing people for the colour of their skin,” the report concluded.

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