FIFA Mocks Ghana


In 2006, Brazil, Italy and Germany in collaboration with FIFA and Coca Cola, came up with a brilliant idea to mock the rest of FIFA member countries. They called it The Coca Cola Trophy Tour.

They will send the World Cup trophy on a tour to countries that were not genuine trophy contenders just to remind them how crap they are. Officials compared the tour to a trip to the strip club….”you can only watch, you’re not allowed to touch or take it home with you. The stripper is laughing all the way to the bank whilst you go home with a boner and an empty wallet.”

After visiting countries like Macedonia, Fiji Islands and India, the World Cup trophy made a stop in Accra this morning. The President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi unashamedly welcomed the trophy, directing that only Ghanaians with Instagram accounts will be allowed to take photos next to the trophy in its glass encasing. He also added that a special copyright permission is needed to use any of the photos taken on your whatsapp profile.

The tour ends on Tuesday, so hurry all you instagram addicts!

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