First case of sexual transmission of the ‘Autocratic Leader’ virus recorded in Zimbabwe

Researchers in Zimbabwe have reported the first case of sexual transmission of a special strain of the Autocratic Leader (AL) virus.

The researchers confirmed a 49 year old Zimbabwean woman, Gucci Grace, has contracted the AL virus after years of sexual interactions with his 90 year old husband Rob.

Although the virus is yet to be fully manifested in Gucci Grace, she has ‘begun showing worrying signs,’ according to the research report. ‘Gucci Grace is increasingly showing an unhealthy appetite for arbitrary political power and a dangerous desire to suppress political opponents.

Tests on the AL virus taken from the Mugabes showed the strains were almost genetically identical, which supports the theory that the young wife was infected directly from the husband who is old enough to be her father.

According to researchers, there has been previous unsuccessful attempts to transmit the AL virus from husband to wife in Ghana, warning that with this special case in Zimbabwe, ‘we may start to see longer chains of transmission between autocrats and their regular sexual partners.’

Worried researchers are warning all citizens to remain ‘extremely vigilant’ to prevent the spread of this anti-progress virus.