Fix it like Forsythe : A guide to dealing with undercover reporters

A new self-help book co-written by two lesser known Ghanaian authors has made it to the top of The Telegraph best seller list, according to reports.

‘Fix it like Forsythe: A guide to dealing with undercover reporters,’ by Mr. NO Forsythe and Mr.OP Boni Nketia, is a step by step guide on the best cause of action for corrupt elected officials and their cronies who are caught on camera doing a dodgy deal with an undercover reporter.

According to the authors, the book was inspired by the video below which is an episode of Dispatches- a British TV award-winning investigative current affairs programme on Channel 4. “The Dispatches team operate like Ghana’s Anas Aremeyaw Anas, so this book will come in handy for all the crooked Ghanaian officials who are worried about Anas exposing your fraudulent deeds with his hidden cameras,” explained one of the authors.

In the book, the authors stress the importance of keeping calm when one caught pants down. “The initial shock and embarrassment can be overwhelming, but remember to keep calm and simply deny any knowledge of the shady deal in question.” They add, “do not fight the edge to cover your face from the camera, this is how your brain deals with the shameful situation at hand.”

Limited copies of the book are on sale at the offices of the Ghana FA. The first 50 copies purchased will be personally signed by the GFA boss.




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