‘Football managers can now throw in towel to save team from humiliation’- FIFA

When a boxer is being battered and there seems to be no chance of a comeback, his cornermen have the option of throwing in a towel to save the suffering boxer from complete embarrassment. Some days, the best course of action is to cut your losses and you can be certain that option would have appealed to one Felipe Scolari last night in Belo Horizonte.

Hours after a merciless German machine completely pummelled a lacklustre Brazilian side to stroll into the World Cup final with a 7-1 victory, FIFA has revealed plans to make sweeping changes to the football rule book that will allow managers to be able to throw in a towel to save their teams from total annihilation.

The rule which is expected to come into play during tonight’s other semi-final game will allow a football manager the option of throwing a towel onto the pitch to save his team from absolute annihilation.

“Four goals in a space of 15 minutes was to Brazil what Bukom Banku’s punches was to Ayittey Powers during the Judgement Day bout,” said a FIFA official. A humiliating defeat on the field of play, especially in a WorldCup semi-final game, is potentially damaging to the national pride of any nation. The FIFA official argued that, footballers and football fans should be protected by similar rules that exists in professional boxing to protects boxers from further potentially damaging punches.

Under the proposed rule, the manager can throw in the towel only when his team is behind by at least 4 goals. The winning team will be given the full 3 points and a goal difference of 5 goals.

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