Foreign experts arrive in Ghana to aid hunt for most wanted fashion terrorist

Experts from London and New York have arrived in Ghana to help find and punish the nation’s most wanted fashion terrorist.

The foreign experts who arrived in the country early this morning are expected to work closely with their Ghanaian counterparts in the hunt for a middle aged woman (picture above) believed to have committed the most heinous fashion crime in the history of this peaceful nation.

According to intelligence reports, this notoriously shameless woman, code named Bongo Harassment, begun her insurgency against Ghanaians during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) in Accra on the 3rd of May and is reported to have violated the sensibilities of over 12 million Ghanaians with her fashion faux pas. Experts are convinced Bongo Harassment is a lone operator who desires to overthrow the current regime of decent and sensible public dress code and have it replaced with an obscene and tasteless fashion regime.

In addition to locating and capturing Bongo Harassment, the foreign experts and their local counterparts will also work on long term counter fashion-terrorism measures to prevent further atrocious attacks on our modest public dress code.

Milan and Tokyo have also promised help, and a French official told reporters on Sunday that Paris has decided to make available an elite unit of fashionistas if Ghana agrees.

Ghanaian officials are offering a reward of elegant Made-in-Ghana outfits for information that leads to the capture of Bongo Harassment.

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