Getting To Brazil


Following Ghana’s World Cup qualification last night, the Visa Connexionmen Association (VSA) has issued a statement with a list of the expert services they can provide for prospective travellers.

Speaking at a press conference early this morning, the president of the association bemoaned FIFA’s choice of Brazil as a host stating a report by visa economics experts which claims the choice of Brazil will result in a less than average turn over for this multi million dollar industry this season. The association has therefore appealed to FIFA to select countries like Canada, Australia and Switzerland to host the World Cup as Brazil and Qatar- host for the next World Cup, are not exactly places Ghanaians will like to migrate to.

But in an attempt to sound upbeat, the president of the association assured potential Ghanaian migrants they can use Brazil as a stepping stone to get to the United States and other parts of Europe, a much better route than well trodden route through Libya.

He then went on to highlight the key features of their gold standard service. This premium service will include the provision of fake birth certificates with new names that cannot be traced to any failed visa application lodged at the US Embassy or the UK High Commission as the Brazilian authorities will have full access to the UK and US immigration data base. The service will also come with a choice between a fake bank statement or a genuine one but that will be used by five other applicants. He also added the association is putting together a special package for the business men and women who will like to use the opportunity to go and source for wholesale dealers in Brazilian hair.

He asked all interested parties to direct their queries via email to

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