GFA demands refund from juju man

Officials of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) are reportedly threatening to go to court to retrieve their money from the national team’s juju man after the Black Stars lost to the USA in their Group G opening encounter on Monday.

The juju man who was allegedly paid a lot of money to ensure victory for the Black Stars is now facing a possible court action for failure to carry out his side of the bargain. The officials who paid for the services of this juju man out of their own pockets, are unimpressed with his performance and have sworn to get their money back.

“We should have known this man wasn’t up to the task. What sort of serious juju man doesn’t have cowries on his smock? He looks like a part time juju man,” one angry GFA official ranted after the game in Natal.


Another displeased official only stopped short of calling the juju man a fake, “How can we take this man serious? No cowries, he just had Ghana flag pin badges and a few other badges with an image of Kwame Nkrumah. Kwame Nkrumah? Did he think we were going for a Pan-African rally?

“And those beads around his neck, they don’t have that mystical look about them. They are just ordinary, like the ones the tourists buy from the Arts Centre in Accra. I have a few of those in my suitcase, if that’s all it takes to be a juju man, I could have done the job myself.”

The juju man was last spotted lounging at Copacabana beach sandwiched by two bikini-clad señoritas. A staff at his hotel described him as a “casanova by day juju man by night.”

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