GFA Renames National Team Virgin Black Stars

Emirates Stadium is home to Arsenal Football Club as Etihad Stadium is to Manchester City and Allianz Arena to Bayern Munich. The sale of naming rights to raise funds is nothing new in the world of football, but the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has taken the commercialisation of the game to the next level.

In a bizarre move, the Ghana Football Association has allegedly announced its intention to re-brand the Black Stars, as part of a sponsorship deal to raise money for the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament in Brazil.

The supposed deal with Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited, which is only expected to last for the duration of the tournament, will see the senior national team, the Black Stars, renamed, Virgin Black Stars. Financial details of the deal is being kept under wraps, but it is thought to be worth over $57m and it is the most lucrative deal in the association’s history.

The Ghanaian FA is believed to have rejected sponsorship offers from several top brands due to the fact that the amalgamation of the names appeared inapt. Such offers would have seen the national team re-branded with names such as BARBIE Black Stars, ALWAYS Black Stars and BUSH Black Stars.  

The Virgin sponsorship deal comes as a relief to the Ghanaian government who was in the process of negotiating a $20m loan deal with the United States government- whose football association has a world cup budget of $2m- to satisfy the GFA’s original world cup budget.

One of the 25 million football analysts in Ghana opined “At more than double their original budget, the GFA can now engage the services of a highly potent jujuman to help the Virgin Stars get some.”

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