Ghana Considers Sanctions Against Russia

Ghana is reportedly considering harsh punitive measures against Russia over the Ukraine crisis after a lengthy phone conversation between Ghanaian president John Mahama and the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin ended in a stalemate.

The West African nation which has several of it’s citizens studying medicine in Kiev on a Ukrainian sponsored scholarship scheme is concerned the scheme may be scrapped if Russia annexes Ukraine.

The leaders of the two nations were last night engaged in an intense telephone conversation which yielded no results. The Ghanaian president is reportedly demanding that the Russians commit to an agreement to continue with the scholarship scheme if they annex Ukraine, a demand Mr. Putin refuses to commit to. President Mahama adamantly maintains that he will not idly stand and watch the Russians deny Ghanaians free medical training.

The breakdown in talks has prompted President Mahama to direct his security advisers to outline a number of possible sanctions to be levied against Russia.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the Ghanaians are aiming to hit the Russians where it hurts most. Under the proposed sanctions, Ghana will boycott the consumption of Russian vodka and turn to China for cheap knock-off bottles of vodka. All Ghanaian citizens named Vladimir will be forced to have their names changed to either Barack or Pussy Riot. Also, every AK47 weapon in the country will be re-branded and renamed M16 just to cheese off the Russians.

Unlike the weak leaders in the EU and the United States, the Ghanaian government is not ruling out military intervention if the proposed sanctions do not produce the desired effect.

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