Ghana evacuate SADA akonfems and $65k embassy wall from Burkina after terror attack

The government of Ghana has begun the evacuation of the runaway SADA guinea fowls and the infamous $656,248.48 embassy wall from Burkina Faso following Saturday’s terrorist attack at a luxury hotel in Ouagadougou.

28 people from 18 different countries were killed in the attack at the hotel in the Burkinabe capital.

A Foreign Affairs spokesman said the GHC15 million SADA akonfems who mysterious flew over Ghana’s northern border into Burkina Faso will be “rounded up and safely transported back to Ghana immediately.” He hoped the safe return of the birds will ease suspicions over government’s involvement in the scandal.

The spokesman also revealed that the government has sent the elite team of masons who constructed the leaking Job 600 building to “safely dismantle and return” the embassy wall which cost the Ghanaian taxpayer a whooping $656,248.48. The hefty price tag for the wall– which isn’t made of gold or diamonds, was was made public in September 2014 when the Bank of Ghana presented its 2013 foreign exchange receipt payment to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

The Foreign Affairs spokesman noted that the swift evacuation of the SADA akonfems and the $65,000 embassy wall is in line with the foreign policy of the “compassionate Mahama administration.”