Ghana Gets A New Presidential Jet

Unverified reports say a certain benevolent Ghanaian citizen has donated an ultra modern jet to the government and the people of Ghana. This unusual act of kindness is to ensure any future travels by our dear president to Dubai or any other holiday hotspot is done in absolute comfort and with ease.

The aircraft dubbed Ghana’s “Air Force One” has been described by aviation experts as ‘the world’s most versatile and stylish jet’. Although it looks small from the outside, this Ghana made aircraft can carry 20 passengers in comfort and a further 5 can be added if sister Vicki is not onboard.

This new presidential jet, which will fly under the official call sign KTK 02 (Konfem TrotroKraft 02), has been equipped to serve as a multi-purpose flying office complete with a conference room and an akonfem farm. A cousin of a member of the presidential medical team claimed the akonfem farm has been put onboard for purely medical reasons. “It has been scientifically proven that the sight of guinea fowls have special stress releasing effects. Hence having this onboard will help the nation’s leader unwind after a hard day’s work. It will also ensure he has access to a reliable source of fresh meat whenever he desires,” he explained.

Receiving the key for the padlock that secures the only door on this aircraft, an unknown government spokesman expressed the government’s gratitude to the donor, who is also a preacher, an inventor and a star in his own right. The spokesman, impressed by this state-of-the-art engineering masterpiece, encouraged all Ghanaians to buy locally made goods. “To all the Ghanaian pastors that are looking to acquire private jets because their Nigerian counterparts have started a trend, please don’t look to China, buy one of these Ghana made jets. Spare parts are cheap and easy to find.” He also dispelled claims that the presidential jet is equipped with missiles. He said “the missile-like objects you see on there are just fireworks we bought from Melcom. They are strictly to be used only on special national occasions like the commissioning of a borehole project.”

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