Ghana seeks extradition of SADA akonfems from Burkina as army takes control

Ghana has reportedly asked the interim military leaders of neighbouring Burkina Faso to extradite the infamous SADA guinea fowls who escaped from northern Ghana in mysterious circumstances.

A successful extradition will erase doubts about the akonfem escape story- which many Ghanaians believe to be nothing but just another cock and bull story to cover up another financial malfeasance. “It’s really sad that many Ghanaians will not believe that these unscrupulous akonfems just flew over the border into Burkina. Now with the current unrest in that country we can use this opportunity to flash out these fugitives,” said a spokesman for the Ghanaian government.

He also confirmed the military leaders currently in charge of Burkina Faso have agreed to approve the extradition request and will dispatch an elite unit to track down the infamous guinea fowls. The GHC 15 million guinea fowls, if successfully extradited to Ghana, will all face the charges of refusing to grace road side kebab stands with their carcasses and making the president and his friends look like plain liars.

The spokesman also revealed that the government is currently working on plans to evacuate Ghana’s $600,000 embassy wall from Ouagadougou as the political situation in Burkina Faso deteriorates.

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