Ghana threatens to hack US film company making movie on Black Stars’ World Cup cash row

The US film company currently planning to turn Ghana’s World Cup cash row into a Hollywood blockbuster has been threatened with a retaliatory cyber attack similar to that of Sony Pictures, according to reports.

The government of Ghana has described the plans to turn Ghana’s World Cup fiasco into a Hollywood movie as “an act of war” and has reportedly assembled an elite unit of hackers code named “Sakawa Boys,” who will launch series of cyber attacks against Bugeater Films to prevent the movie’s release.

Producers have admitted that the movie, which may star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has been inspired by the Black Stars’ unpaid World Cup appearance fees row which resulted in Ghana’s government sending some $3 million in cash by plane on the eve of a decisive final group match- which Ghana lost 2-1, with the players reportedly keeping the money in their backpacks inside the team’s changing room.

This hacking threat also comes just a few weeks after Sony Pictures bowed to pressure and cancelled its Christmas Day release of The Interview- a comedy film that culminates in the assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-un, following a major hack of its computer files.

A source confirmed that the Ghanaian cyber team, made up of “homegrown online love scam wiz kids,” will be working from an internet cafe in the heart of Nima, Accra. This elite cyber unit, according to the source, will only be deployed if Bugeater Films ignores warnings to cancel plans to produce the movie.

“If Bugeater Films wants to be an annoying bug, we will have our Sakawa Boys eat them up in no time.”

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