Ghana TV Replaces Local Prime Time News With News From Mexican TV

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has reportedly given the go-ahead for a number of Ghanaian television stations to begin airing dubbed news bulletin from a Mexican television station.

This means that Ghana’s one and only “Proudly African” television station- TV Africa and “The station of the nation”- Ghana Television (GTV) will both scrap their prime time local news bulletins and replace them with news broadcast from a Mexican news channel. A joint statement allegedly issued by the directors of the two Ghanaian media houses said, “It is with much joy and excitement that we inform you, our valued viewers, that we will no longer broadcast local news reports. We have a cheaper option to air news bulletins from a Mexican TV station. We must however warn viewers that most of the news content will be local Mexican news, but it is news nonetheless.” Although the original content coming from the Latin American country will be in Spanish, directors of GTV and TV Africa have assured all viewers that they will be dubbed in English. They were however quick to add that, like the many cheap Mexican telenovelas that dominate Ghanaian TV screens, the translation to English will be mostly inaccurate.

The statement continues, “We are aware of the fact that the Ghanaian public and more importantly, our valued viewers are extremely grateful to us for the numerous Mexican telenovas we have been beaming onto their TV screens over the years. Never mind that these telenovas are badly dubbed or the fact they undermine our cultural make-up or even consider the fact that cutting out local content on TV in favour of these cheap foreign shows retards the development of the Ghanaian film and media industry. We had these telenovelas for cheap and Ghanaians fell in love with them, sending our viewership rating through the roof. With Mexican news now airing at prime time, we expect our rating to double in the coming weeks.”

Our sources also indicate that TV3, VIASAT 1 and Metro TV are currently in talks with a Filipino news channel to relay daily newscast to their Ghanaian viewers.

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