Ghanaian Buys Coca Cola


The picture above, which appeared online sometime last week has sparked wild speculations about the future of the multinational beverages giant, Coca Cola Company.

It is being rumoured that a certain Ghanaian, only identified as Kofi, is in the process of acquiring the soft drinks giant. And as part of the takeover conditions, the company’s flagship product, Coca Cola will be redesigned to bear the name of the new owner, Kofi, replacing the original Coca Cola.

The picture above is believed to be a sample of the new design which is expected to be rolled out in the new year. The traditional red and white colours are however expected to remain unchanged.

With the identity of the alleged buyer still unknown, the rumour mill continues to churn out names of possible Kofis who may be taking over Coca Cola Company. YesiYesi has, in collaboration with corporate takeover experts at Merchant Bank, compiled names of Ghanaians with enough financial clout to pull off such a deal: Kofi Gates, Kofi Branson, Kofi Buffet and Kofi Abromovich.

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