Ghanaian Company To Unveil New Tab

20131218-094444 pm.jpg

iSung, a Ghanaian smartphones company has announced plans to launch a tablet designed specifically for children this Christmas.

The tablet named Slate AD11, will be unveiled at the plush Kantamanto Shopping Mall on Saturday, December 21st. The launch is set to redefine technology for both children and their parents and will mark another a milestone for the smartphones company.

The device which comes with state of the art educational tools and safety features boasts of over 005 apps to cater for children’s entertainment and educational needs.

Some of the popular apps downloaded from the Parents Abr3 App Store include Hangman, Flames and Tic Tac Toe elite Edition. These games, experts say, are more exciting and mentally stimulating than Angry Birds or Candy Crush.

The Slate AD11 comes with just one essential accessory, an ‘easy-to-grip’ C Pen, locally known as white chalk, to help children draw. The tablet also has an everlasting battery life, which means parents do not have to worry about the ‘dumsor’. Again, the memory capacity is not a problem as data can be easily rubbed off to make room for new ones.

This sleek looking tablet, pictured above, is set to make a real impact in the tablets market worldwide and will in no doubt be a great substitute for the Apple’s iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

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