Ghanaian Movie Set To Sweep The Oscars

YesiYesi Ghana has obtained an EXCLUSIVE trailer of a Ghanaian movie which is set to take the movie world by storm.

This Ghanaian sci-fi movie, titled 2016, is reportedly leading the list of films nominated for several Academy Awards this year. With 11 nominations, this Ghollywood movie has put Ghana in the limelight.

Though this year’s awards has been touted by many industry experts as, the ‘meanest Oscars season ever’ due to stiff competition, 2016, is set to beat competition from movies like 12 Years A Slave, Gravity and The Wolf Of Wall Street for the coveted Best Picture award.

The movie’s director, Ninja- an unknown Ghanaian of exceptional creativity, is said to be odds on favourite to clinch the Best Director award despite fierce competition from Martin Scorsese for The Wolf Of Wall Street, Steve McQueen for 12 Years A Slave, and Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity.

Ghanaian acting sensation Kyeiwa, who features in the movie, is also expected to beat competition from Sandra Bullock for her role in Gravity for Best Leading Actress award. Katawere is favourite as he goes up against Leonardo DiCaprio for the Best Leading Actor whilst Wayoosi is tipped to bag the Best Supporting Actor award.

While most futuristic movies take a giant leap into the future with mysterious timelines, this Ghallywood movie is modest and only ventures just a couple of years ahead of time- 2016!

This not withstanding, the movie has been praised for it’s intriguing story line and the avant-garde special effects. 2016 has everything a good science fiction movie should have- robotic aliens, suspense, slow-mo bullet dodging and ground-breaking special effects.


Although we are calling 2016 a science fiction movie, industry experts are however sceptical about boxing this movie under one genre. Speaking to YesiYesi Ghana, the editor of Rotten Tomatoes, the renowned movies review site, said: “This has to go down as one of the most fascinating movies in history.

“Its like a mash up of every movie genre possible. Its a comedy, a sci fi, a thriller, a crime, a romance, an animation and a drama all at the same time. Imagine the Matrix, Spartacus, Pursuit of Happyness, Titanic, Hangover and Coming To America all fused into one big movie! Such is the brilliance of 2016!”

This Ghanaian cinematic classic is set to make it’s debut on the screens in Europe and the US soon. Follow YesiYesi Ghana on twitter and like our Facebook page to stand a chance of winning tickets for all-expenses-paid trips to London and Los Angeles for the European and American premieres of 2016 in 2016.

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