Ghanaian MPs win Oscar for Best Supporting Comedy Act

Members of the Ghanaian legislature made history on Sunday evening by becoming the first group of politicians to win an acting award at the 88th Academy Awards.

The honourable members of parliament won the Best Supporting Comedy Act for their role in John Drama Mahama’s comedy-drama, State of The Nation. The MPs had been seen as the favourites after their spectacular common sense defying performance during last Thursday’s State of The Nation Address.

Film critics who have watched clips of the SOTN address praised the legislators for their “all round performance.” One Hollywood critic wrote: “After watching the SOTN clip, one can only admit that these Ghanaian MPs aren’t just good comedians. They are multitalented. They are synchronised praise singers, trash talkers, puppets, fact jugglers.”

All 275 MPs dedicated the award to “the good people of Ghana who continue to allow their legislators the freedom to behave like clowns.”