Ghanaian retail shop on brink of collapse hours after offering 80% Black Friday discounts

The quintessential Ghanaian “by heart copy-copy” attitude has landed the owner of a retail shop in serious financial turmoil, according to reports.

The newly established retail shop at the West Hill Mall in Accra is this afternoon teetering on the brink of collapse just hours after opening its doors to the public with offers of up to 80% discounts in an American style Black Friday sale.

The shop owner admitted he had pulled the 80% discount rate “out of tin air” without considering the potential effects on his profit margins. “I saw an American shop doing discounts of 80% on their things when I was in America last year so I thought me too I can do the same here in Ghana.”

Many shoppers who flooded the shop were surprised to find there was absolutely no limit on the number of discounted items they can purchase. “Massa I bought anything I could lay my hands on. 400GHCfor a Samsung flatscreen TV! I bought, not one, not two. I bought five,” a shopper confessed.

Another shopper added, “if any shop is happy to do this kind of by heart copy-copy, we’re happy to do by the heart buying.”

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