Ghanaian Salad- Best Way To Keep The Weight Off This Christmas

The Christmas season is often thought of in terms of the indulgent and calorie-rich treats such as the cakes, chips- the Ghana version, doughnuts, Piccadilly biscuits, chicken/goat soup and Malta Guinness.

To help keep off those extra pounds and stay trim and healthy into the New Year, YesiYesi Ghana has teamed up with an expert nutritionist to put together a recipe for an original Ghanaian salad, a healthier alternative to the traditional high calorie Christmas treats.

2 tins of Heinze baked beans
2 tins of Exeter corn beef
2 tins of Starkist Tuna
1 bottle of Obaapa mayonnaise
1 bottle of Obaapa tomato ketch up
3 hard-boiled eggs, sliced into rounds
1 cucumber
1 cabbage
1 onion

1 Cut up half of the onions, half of the cucumber and half of the cabbage and place in a big Pyrex bowl.

2 Tip the 2 tins of Heinze baked beans into the with the bowl with the sparse amount if vegetables.

3 Break up the Exeter corn beef with a fork and add to mixture.

4 Let the Starkist Tuna follow straight afterwards.

5 Slice the hard-boiled egg and add to the now beefy and fishy looking concoction.

6 Finish off with a hefty squeeze of the Obaapa Mayonnaise and Ketch Up for colour.

7 Pass all empty tins to the small girl/boy in the house to clean them out thoroughly with fingers.

Our expert nutritionist recommend that this healthy salad is best served with 2 slices of sugar bread and a chilled Malta Guinness.

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