Ghanaian Scientist Outdoors Ground-breaking Invention.

A Ghanaian scientist has etched his name in the history books with what has been described as a ground-breaking invention. His invention will ensure that millions of people in developing countries who have no access to clean drinking water can purify and use their otherwise contaminated water sources.

Speaking at the launch of his invention in Accra, Einstein Asafo LL.M., MSc BSc, CH.M., MBBS, claimed his machine can transforms water from the Korle Lagoon into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water. The intricate contraption, pictured above is made up of a white vest, locally known as a “singlet” and a bucket. The “singlet” is placed loosely over the bucket but still held securely in place with a rubber band round the outside of the bucket. The unclean water is the poured onto the the “singlet” and allowed to drip through into the bucket below. This process ensures the debris is filtered out and left on the white vest.

Dr. Asafo claimed his machine raises the pH balance of the water by splitting its molecules resulting in hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. This process he added, gave the purified water special healing powers.

This new technology is alleged to be particularly beneficial for those suffering from cancer, malaria and diabetes. Sprinkling a handful of the purified water on ones wallet or purse is also believed to bring prosperity. The scientist therefore urged the Ghanaian government to make a bulk purchase of his product to sprinkle on our very empty national purse.

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