Ghanaian student in Cuba offers to sell his pride on eBay for food

The Ghanaian government’s continued failure to release funds for the upkeep of Ghanaian medical students in Cuba has forced one desperate student to resort to an extremely bizarre move in an attempt to raise money to cater for his feeding and general upkeep.

The gentleman who has the eBay account username, GhanaBa, posted an advertisement to sell his pride on the online marketplace earlier this week after he cleaned out his bank account to pay for his overdue rent. “For almost a year, our government has failed to credit our accounts with our allowances. I have since been living off the little money I brought with me from Ghana but now that has also run out. I don’t know where my next meal will come from. I’ve sold all my spare shirts, trousers, shoes and blankets, and now all I have left to sell is my pride. No food, no clothes and no place to lay my head, my pride as a Ghana man is diminishing by the day so it’s best I sell it now before I lose it all,” the distraught medical student revealed in a telephone conversation.

The advert, which was entitled “Ghana man’s pride 4 sale”, offered a starting price of $19.57. The full advert read: “My government sent me to far away Cuba on a full scholarship to study medicine. But for almost a year, I have received no government support to help with my general upkeep. No money for food, toiletries, books etc. I have just lost my rented accommodation and I am rapidly losing my pride as a Ghana man. I fear if I do not sell it off immediately, there will be nothing left of it in the coming weeks. So I offer my pride for sale, at a knock down price. Let the bidding begin!”

The advert has reportedly attracted a lot of interest from the United States and other western countries who are also keen on snapping up such appealing offers. It has been rumoured that an eBay user with the name of BrainDrain, is linning up a mouthwatering bid for GhanaBa’s pride as well as his remarkable brains- even though that was not listed as part of the sale. YesiYesi Ghana will bring you the rest of this fascinating story as it unfolds.

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