Ghanaians Can Soon Enter UK Without Visa

In an attempt to calm the nerves of disgruntled Ghanaians, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allegedly issued a statement concerning the British High Commission’s new cumbersome visa application process.

The statement whose authenticity cannot be established indicates that from September 2014, Ghanaian citizens will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom without the need of a visa!

This is because the government of Ghana has secretly negotiated for Ghana to replace Scotland in the union, the statement alleges.

Scotland under the leadership of Alex Salmon, is seeking independence from Britain. With the polls largely in their favour, the pro independence side looks certain to win the referendum slated for early September.

This will pave the way for Ghana to formally become part of the United Kingdom.

The alleged statement from the ministry argues that the ministry’s long silence over the new visa regulation which was introduced as far back as January, was because they knew beforehand Ghanaians will not have to put up with this exploitative system for long.

“We are very much aware that the new visa application process put forth by the British High Commission is not favourable to Ghanaians, but we have decided not to challenge the matter because very soon, those processes and regulations will become redundant.”

“Our very able government in a clever move has killed two birds with one stone. Ghanaians will soon be able to enter the United Kingdom without having to go through this onerous visa application process. And the Cedi, which is currently on its knees will be replaced with the Pound. All our economic woes will soon disappear with the Cedi.”

The statement also revealed that the ministry will put stringent measures in place to prevent Nigerians from naturalising as Ghanaians just to gain unrestricted entry into the UK.

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