Ghanaians Giving Up Tardiness For Lent

Ghanaians have stunned the Christian world by announcing they will be giving up tardiness for Lent this year.

All Ghanaians will be expected to observe a strict principle of punctuality. This decision was made at a meeting between the nation’s leader and a number of senior clergymen and women at the Flagstaff House on Monday.

The announcement has been applauded by a number of world religious leaders as one of the most outstanding act of self-denial in the history of the faith.

A statement released after the meeting at the Flagstaff House said, “Ghanaians love the lax and laid back attitude. The average Ghanaian worker is often described as relaxed and tardy- and this is even before lunch time! We turn up late for meetings and we unashamedly call it Ghana Man Time (GMT). Turn up 5 minutes early to any event and you will be the only idiot sitting by yourself in the front row. When a Ghanaman says “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”, he actually means he will be there any time between 45 minutes and an hour.”

“So for Ghanaians, there cannot be a better example of self-denial than to choose to forego the luxury of turning up late for meetings and events. This is the greatest act of self-denial, the very essence of Lent.”

During the remainder of the Lent period, all Ghanaians will adhere to a rigorously-scheduled lifestyle. All official as well as social events will be regulated according to strict time schedules.

The clergymen and women agreed to set the pace for this exercise. All church services will be run on strict timings. Anyone who turns up late will be sent back home, after your offering has been taken from you. Workers who turn up late to work will also forfeit a portion of their earnings.

Many Ghanaians interviewed by YesiYesi admit this may well be the hardest thing Ghanaians have had to do since forgiving Luis Suarez for that handball incident.

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