Ghanaians wonder if US tightrope walker has no witches in family

Several Ghanaians who have had the chance to watch the video of Nik Wallenda’s recent death-defying tightrope walk have been left wondering if the American daredevil has no witches in his family who would have loved to see him fall to his death.

“It’s either he has no witches in his family or the witches are unbelievably kind,” concluded one Ghanaian man who had just watched a YouTube video of the American walking on a high-wire between two skyscrapers and then with a blindfold on a cable suspended more than 500ft over the Chicago River. “My family witches would have just pushed me to my death after the first step,” added the man.

A Ghanaian mother who says family witches routinely strike her children with malaria and cholera was baffled after watching the video. “No! Ghanaian family witches won’t allow this sort of adventure,” she remarked.

She explained that Ghana is a country where mysterious dwarfs, family witches and demons routinely combine “to wreck havoc on the national currency, conspire to sneak in the demonic Ebola while men of God slumber and casually cause horrendous road traffic accidents during the Christmas season.”

YesiYesi contacted a few witches who admitted “they are mischievous” but added that Ghanaians “give witches and demonic spirits much more credit than they deserve.”

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