Ghana’s Wailing Wall

The wall surrounding Ghana’s Embassy building in neighbouring Burkina Faso should be named the Wailing Wall– after the Jewish shrine located in Jerusalem. This was contained in a petition submitted to the government by members of a small Jewish community in Ghana.

The wall which cost the Ghanaian taxpayer some $650,000 is “more than just brick and mortar” according to the leader of the group. “It must have some divine presence like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, a shrine which has been the site for prayer and pilgrimage for centuries.”

He explained that the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem which is also known as the Western Wall is part of the retaining wall supporting the temple mount built by Herod in 20 B.C. After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D., Jews were not allowed to come to Jerusalem until the Byzantine period, when they could visit once a year on the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple and weep over the ruins of the Holy Temple. Because of this, the wall became known as the “Wailing Wall.”

The leader suggested that the wall in Burkina Faso could be for Ghanaians what the Western Wall is for the Jews. “The $650,000 wall can become a sacred place. A place Ghanaians can visit once a year to weep over the ruins of their nation.”

“With our fine record as a nation which specialises in the construction of structures that do not withstand the test of time, the Embassy’s wall should soon develop cracks as deep as the crevices in the Wailing Wall which holds prayer notes from all around the world,” he added.

The leader revealed that his community will soon start organising trips for all Ghanaians who will like to visit the wall to weep over the destruction of their nation.

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