Goodluck to respond to Boko Haram massacre in Baga with hashtags

Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan has broken his long silence concerning the gruesome murder of about 2000 Nigerians by Boko Hiram militants in Baga, a town near Nigeria’s border with Chad.

The 57 year old leader who kicked off his re-election campaign with a speech which failed to mention the spectre of Boko Haram, has reportedly revealed new plans to launch a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook to crash the extremist group responsible for the series of macabre killings in Baga and in Maiduguri- where a bomb blast on Saturday claimed the lives of at least 19 people.

The Nigerian leader revealed he has learned a lot about hashtags following the attacks in Paris last Wednesday- an event which prompted President Jonathan to swiftly issue a statement on Wednesday condemning the attackers. “The Paris incident showed me that all we need to fight these Boko Haram extremists are hashtags and lots of tweets.”

He argued that strong leadership and a well equipped military counts for nothing if “your hashtag game isn’t doro.” A show of strong and decisive leadership backed by a well equipped and motivated security forces played no part in French response following the horrific attack, according to Jonathan. “All the French leaders did was to get their people to tweet a hashtag.”

As part of this social media campaign, Nigerian military personnel who have abandoned posts due to lack of equipments and remuneration will be allowed to join the fight with hashtags.

Goodluck explained he will do all in power to rally Nigerians to fight Boko Haram with catchy and inspiring hashtags such as #Vote4Goodluck and VoteGoodluck4Goodwork

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