GoG seeks Dubai based conmen as partners in looting national funds

Are you an international fraudster with exceptional skills in hatching elaborate schemes to swindle millions of dollars off unsuspecting victims? Will you happily work with a national government that is intent on funneling public funds into private pockets and a rubber stamp parliament that can be bought with made-in-China smartphones? Are you based in Dubai or have contacts within the Saudi royal family? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you can become a partner of GoG.

Employer: Government Gangsters of Ghana (GoG)

Role: Middleman/Partner/Financial Engineer

Required Skills:

  • Ability to put together a bogus company at a moment’s notice
  • An extensive network to help set up bogus company HQ at affluent Dubai addresses
  • Proven ability to deliver inflated procurement costs for taxpayer funded projects

Qualification: Any conman of Umar Farooq Zahoor’s calibre 

Type of Employment: Permanent, but you will be required to head different sham companies from time to time. You may be posing as a manufacturer of power barges one day and a supplier of gas turbines the next. It will all depend on which Create and Loot scheme we come up with.

Main Duties: 

  • Act as a puppet manager for the sham company
  • Witness/co-sign Burgle Own Outspread Transfer (BOOT) contracts with government
  • Subcontract aspects of BOOT contracts to friends and family of government officials
  • Disappear when scam is uncovered, making sure you are beyond the reach of any local news media
  • Expect to encounter social media backlash from aggrieved citizens. Do not panic, this will only last for not more than 2 weeks before they turn their attention to some other scandal


  • A hefty cut of the loot
  • Your share of the loot will be tax free
  • Access to the VVIP Lounge at KIA- not Kumasi International Airport


**** PLEASE NOTE: Honest and credible businesses need not apply, we do not do business with such entities!

All interested conmen should send CVs to: competentthieves@GoG.gh