Group launches campaign to help Okoe win African Mayor Awards

A group calling itself Friends of Okoe Lobby Society (FOOLS) has launched a poster campaign to bolster the mayor’s chances of winning this year’ Jose Eduardo dos Santos African Mayor Awards.

Mr. Okoe Vanderpujie, Accra’s 59 year old mayor, has been nominated alongside two other mayors in the Large Cities Category for Africa’s top mayoral awards which takes place on April 30, 2015 in Luanda, Angola.

The campaign posters which have been released online and on billboards along the streets of Accra highlights the achievements of the mayor since he took office in 2009.


One poster reads: “overseeing the annual Accra floods since 2009,” making reference to the mayor’s outstanding efforts in ensuring that Ghana’s capital enjoys its share of floods each year. Another poster praised Vanderpujie for transforming Accra into the Las Vegas of filth.


IMG_1227.PNGFOOLS are confident of victory, remarking that “Okoe’s chances of clinching the top award is as overwhelming as the filth in Accra.”

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