How to get an Honorary Doctorate

Day Spring Christian University of Mississippi, the well feigned famed American university with the phoney webpage and an even phonier email address- (, has reportedly released a publication outlining the criteria for the selection of recipients of its honorary doctorate.

The university which is famed for generously dishing out honorary doctorates to Ghanaian public figures maintains “the university has a rigorous selection process and that honorary degrees are conferred only on those who have achieved the highest national or international prominence in their field.

Ghanaians who have recently received an honorary doctorate from this prestigious institution include Sherry Ayittey, Ghana’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Kofi Portuphy, head of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Kofi Asamoah, Secretary General of the Trades Union Congress, Jefferson Sackey of Multimedia Group publication and over a dozen other personalities. Past recipients of the honorary doctorate award from this American university are Ghana’s Speaker of parliament, Right Hon. Dr. Doe Adjaho and coach of Ghana’s national football team, Dr. Kwesi Appiah.

The university which describes itself, on its website as an institution burdened with the education of “ministers, Pastoral and Christian counsellors, church workers and everyday Christians who desire more education in the field of Christian Counselling, Ministry and Theology,” confirmed that only the following doctorates may be conferred honoris causa: Doctor of Ineptitude (DE), Doctor of Negligence (DN) and Doctor of Screw Ups (DSU).

The publication also revealed that the university will soon announce the names of over a dozen Ghanaians who have been selected to receive honorary doctorates. “At this rate, Ghana will soon surpass Nigeria in the international league of national with the most honorary degrees and useless titles,” a university official remarked.

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