Illegal German borgas: Fear of return to dumsor is grounds for asylum- German court rules

A high court in Germany has ruled that fear of return to the dumsor nightmare in Ghana is grounds for asylum in the European country.

This surprise ruling will consequently halt an attempt by German immigration authorities to deport two Ghanaian nationals who were arrested in Berlin earlier this week for living in Germany illegally. The two unnamed persons, believed to have been part of a group of Ghanaians who staged a demonstration against President Mahama during his recent visit to Germany, reportedly requested for asylum after their arrest, claiming that the current power crisis in Ghana makes it unsafe for them to go back.

According to the court, the existence of conditions like dumsor that could prevent these two individuals from making a decent living in Ghana either by selling ice cream or operating a barber shop- like they do in a suburb of Berlin, “may constitute an act of persecution.”

The German court stated that it was unreasonable to expect these borgas to go back to their home country to toil only to be robbed of their earnings by paying taxes to a government that fails to provide them with the most basic of social amenities. Deporting them back to dumsor would amount to “an appalling breach of human decency,” the court said.

The pair have welcomed the ruling, promising to double up efforts to protest against the worsening state of affairs in Ghana- from the lighted streets of Berlin.

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