Infect me with Ebola virus and I will cure myself with my anointing water- TB Joshua

TB Joshua, the popular Nigerian prophet who could not save Ayittey Powers from a complete battering at the hands of Bukom Banku, has reportedly offered to prove the efficacy of his anointing water by allowing himself to be infected with the deadly virus before proceeding to cure himself with the miraculous water.

The Nigerian agreed to this trial testing condition after several rounds of talks with the World Health Organisation (WHO) who are demanding that the prophet provides some evidence to back his bold claims that his anointing water is a cure for the virulent disease, which has ravaged parts of West Africa and killed more than 900 since its outbreak in March.

Under this special trial process, the Nigerian prophet will be exposed to the Ebola virus. Public health experts from the WHO will then test to confirm the miracle-working man has indeed been infected with the deadly disease before allowing him to cure himself with his special anointing water.

TB Joshua, who previously claimed to have cured HIV positive patients, failed to reach an agreement with the WHO over a date for the commencement of the trial process. Questioned about his failure to agree a specific date with the WHO, the prophet simply replied, “the Lord’s time is the best.”

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