KFC To Start Selling Ga Kenkey

After about three years of operations in Ghana, the fast food giant, KFC, has reportedly unveiled plans to start selling Ga kenkey. This departure from its traditional menu of chicken with fries and burgers is seen as a move to tailor the menu to suit Ghanaian taste and lifestyle.

The fast food chain which enjoyed an initial boom has recently seen a slump in its revenue due to low patronage. And experts have attributed this to the inflexible eating habits of Ghanaians.

Commenting on the matter, the renowned expert on Ghanaian dietary preferences, Bukom Banku argued that, “Ghanaians are very rigid when it comes to their eating habits. For the typical Ghanaman, bread is only eaten for breakfast and no other time of the day. So trying to sell him a burger for lunch is like trying to feed breast milk to a 10 year old. This is why it is important that KFC changes their menu to suit us.” He ended his expert analysis with one of his sagacious quotes, “A man is becarefull unless he buy a new car, a white shirt and KFC chicken with banku.”

Our not-so-reliable sources report that the franchise owners are set to overhaul the whole establishment in a bid to increase sales. Confirming the move to start the sale of kenkey, an insider is quoted as saying, “True to our slogan, we will start serving an original Ghanaian delicacy that is literally finger lickin’ good. We have also written to the brand owners in the US to seek permission to change the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Kenkey & Fried Chicken.

He also hinted that the reforms will include changes to the names of the meal packages to help endear the brand to Ghanaians. “We want to position KFC Ghana as a ‘proudly Ghanaian’ establishment, although KFC is originally an American brand, the franchise in Ghana, owned by Indians and most of our ingredients, imported.”

“So next time you pick up a KFC menu card expect to read things like Boys Abr3 Snack Box, Edey Be K3k3 Variety Bucket, Osagyefo Meal Deal and Tonga BBQ Wrap.”

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