Kim Kardashian attempted to ‘Break The Internet’ and now Ama Boahema wants to ‘Milk The Internet’

Paper, the New York based magazine which set out to ‘Break The Internet’ with rear help from Kim Kardashian has reportedly set itself another controversial task. This time, Paper magazine is attempting to “Milk The Internet’ with a picture of the Germany based Ghanaian gospel singer, Ama Boahema.

The picture which will appear on the cover of the Summer 2015 edition of Paper has Ama Boahema in a pose similar to how Kim Kardashian appears on the latest cover of the magazine. The Ghanaian singer also wore a similar sparkly black dress with a champagne glass balanced on her backside.

But there are significant variations also. Unlike Kardashian who was photographed popping a bottle of champagne, Boahema pops open a bottle of milk and the cover of the Summer 2015 edition will have the caption ‘Milk The Internet.’

A PR officer for the magazine explained that Ama Boahema’s milky skin is one asset that can match the kind of reaction generated by Kim Kardashian’s behind. “The fascination surrounding Ama Boahema- who purportedly gained a lighter skin tone by drinking copious amounts of milk, will make Kim’s bottom appear to be a much lighter issue.”


The PR officer however admitted that they were unsure if Ama had enough layers of skin left to deal with the expected backlash from an unforgiving online community. “You need a thick skin to deal with the public reaction but I’m afraid she’s washed all of that off with milk,” lamented the PR officer.



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