Kumasi set to have snowfall on Christmas Day

Over a week after unveiling the gigantic taxpayer funded artificial Christmas tree and with only a day before Christmas, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is set to take the Christmas celebrations by storm- literally.

According to insiders, the people of Kumasi and the 25ft artificial spruce perched in the middle of the ancient town will receive “a decent amount of snowfall” on Christmas Day. The KMA has taken stock of a number of artificial snow makers which will pump out fake snow all over Kumasi and surrounding areas on December 25. “I am no meteorological officer, but I can tell you for a fact that on the 25th, Kumasi will have a blast of snowfall. Oseikrom will look like a town in the Bavarian Alps.”

The fake tree and snowflakes will be complimented by a number of large snowman inflatables and the entire cast of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Officials however revealed that in line with government’s Buy Made-in-Ghana programme, the reindeer will be substituted with deer captured from the Winneba area. “The procurement team we sent to Norway was unable to get a reindeer because they didn’t know what a reindeer looked like. We don’t blame them, they have only heard of reindeer in Christmas carols. But in all this unfortunate situation, we found an opportunity to support local products; to use local deer to pull Santa’s sleigh,” explained an official from KMA.

He explained that this is a culmination of years of planning to ensure the people of Kumasi have a “true Christmas” experience. “We wanted Kumasi to look and feel like the places we always sing about in our Nine Lessons and Carols night. The people of Oseikrom need not dream of a white Christmas, they will witness it feeli feeli,” he added.

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