Loo Kat That!

Our sources can confirm that a middle aged father of three, only identified as Baba, has resigned from his job as a houseboy because he could not bring himself to feed his boss’s cat with the tin of cat food food bought from a supermarket in the plush Accra Mall.

In his resignation letter, Baba is alleged to have stated that he will not work in a household where a cat is fed with food costing as much as his daily wages.

The white Japanese Bobtail cat bought from a special cat breeding farm in Switzerland belongs to one Mr Kofi Bouji a resident of an affluent part of Accra. The furry little cat, named Stacey, is as much a part of the Bouji family as any of Mr Bouji’s two off springs.

Sources close to the family say Mr Bouji always describes his family as a family of five- his wife Naana, himself, their two children Khloe and Quincy, and then Stacey. Stacey is a regular feature in all of the family’s photos. And like the special cat it is, Stacey, is given the very best. Unlike the usual Ghanaian cat which eats anything thrown from the owner’s plate, Stacey is given a very special brand of cat food, which is now available in a number of supermarkets in Ghana.

Speaking to the gardener, he said “Mr Bouji and his family want to live like the Khadarshians oh. They like copy copy, infact they are copy cats! And it is sad because they have gone to school oh and they still want to copy copy some American celebrity lifestyle……and it’s even worse oh massa, there are many more families in Ghana living like this!” With a dismissive wave he added “but I’m only a gardener, what do I know”

The now jobless Baba, who is a JHS dropout, confirmed to YesiYesi Ghana, that he found it disturbing that Ghana allows the importation of things like cat food to sell in supermarkets yet medical supplies and other essential food supplies for human consumption are hard to come by. With a shrug of his shoulders he also added, “But who am I? I’m only a houseboy.”

Attempts to get the Bouji family to comment on the story failed, but sources say the family was seen at the Mall buying more cat food.

YesiYesi will be keeping an eye on the ridiculous lifestyle of the Boujis.

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