Lupita Inspires Bleaching Queen To Launch Skin Darkening Cream

Dencia, the Nigerian-Cameroonian pop singer, who used to be on the darker side of brown but can now pass off as Vladimir Putin’s twin sister, has launched a skin darkening cream inspired by the elegant Oscar award winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o.

This new skin care product, Darkenicious, which bears the slogan, ‘Say Goodbye To Self-Hatred And Inferiority Complex Forever’ has been carefully designed for women who have in the past whitened their skin because they have been made to believe that a darker skin tone is an impediment to success, especially in the entertainment industry.

This vile mentality has birthed a skin bleaching cream industry which will be worth $10bn globally by 2015. A report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), indicates that 77% of women in Dencia’s home country of Nigeria, use skin-lightening products.

These statistics have undoubtedly tugged at Dencia’s heartstrings and she is now promising to retail the Darkenicious cream at a discounted rate in Nigeria to help remedy the shameful situation. She is confident that Darkenicious holds the key to elevating self-esteem by restoring bleached skin back to its original elegant pigmentation and to restore confidence and pride in ones own skin tone.

Dencia is a testimony to the effectiveness of Darkenicious. Seven days after using her own product, Dencia’s skin complexion has been restored to it original rich brown complexion as shown by the picture. And the change, she allegedly confessed is not just physical but psychological. “I do not need skin-lightening creams to help me succeed; my beautiful sister, Lupita has proved that. I hope the Darkenicious cream will help other women who have been through a similar experience to gain back their beautiful dark complexion. It does not matter what side of the colour chart you are born into, the most important thing is to be comfortable in your skin.

YesiYesi has unconfirmed reports that world music icons, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have ordered a ship load of the Darkenicious cream.

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