Magufuli to address Ghana’s Independence Day parade via Skype to save travel cost

Last December, Tanzania’s thrifty president won the Common Sense Award for cancelling his country’s 54th Independence Day celebrations–- usually marked with fanfare, and replaced it with a nationwide clean-up programme aimed at stemming the spread of cholera.

John Magufuli’s penny-pinching ways has made him a sensation in a continent where public officials blow public funds like its confetti. So #WhatWouldMagufuliDo if he’s invited to join in Ghana’s 59th Independence Day tax-payer fanfare when some Ghanaian school children still have no desks to sit on?

President Magufuli– who imposed a ban on unnecessary foreign travel by members of his government, has reportedly agreed to follow proceedings at the 6th March parade in Accra via Skype. Mr. Magufuli will address the crowd in Accra via a live feed from his a office in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzanian officials have described their president’s decision as “most sensible and cost effective,” stressing that the money intended for travel and accommodation expenses for Magufuli and his entourage will be used to provide learning materials for children in the East African nation.

Officials also conveyed the well wishes of the people of Tanzania to Ghanaians, adding that “one day, the good people of Ghana will hopefully gain independence from wasteful leaders.”