May Day May Be Scrapped

Parliament will soon pass a law abolishing May Day, replacing it with MPs Day.

Speaking in support of the proposed law, one honourable MP described the members of the labour union and the general working class as undeserving of a holiday in view of the current economic situation. “We do not think the working class has done enough to deserve a day off. All we hear from the labour union and its affiliates are regular threats of strike actions and demonstrations. Not a day goes by without these workers whinging about their wages and working conditions.”

“We have therefore decided to reassign this day, the 1st of May, as a day to celebrate the work and efforts of a more deserving group of people- Parliamentarians!”

“And why not? We are, undoubtedly, the most hardworking group of individuals in Ghana. And what’s more? We never whinge! Even though our pay cheques are several times heftier than that of the ordinary Ghanaian, they are not exactly gargantuan. And our working conditions aren’t the best, we have to stand anytime we wish to address the house. Imagine the strain on these tired old legs! In spite of all these, we never complain, never! And that is why we have have set aside a special day to recognise our hard work and honesty.”

The honourable member of parliament who appeared to believe every word streaming from his lips ended his rant with the most remarkable statement, “after all the lizard that jumped from the high iroko tree to the ground said ‘if nobody will praise me, I will praise myself.’

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