McDonalds Goes Local

Hours after our report on KFC, rival fast food giant McDonalds has reportedly made sweeping changes to its operations somewhere in Sub Saharan Africa.

This bold move is aimed at helping McDonalds shed its image as a “foreign company”, an insider confessed. “We need to be seen as part of the local community, we need to serve them food they can identify with. Once we get them hooked onto the concept of fast foods, we can sneak in all the sugary, salty and greasy foods! Our long term aim is to make the locals as unhealthy as our customers in the west, but for now lets feed them some foufou”, he said with a cunning smile.

These changes which are believed to have occurred overnight has seen McDonalds re-branded as McFouFou.

Our sources on the ground report of teeming crowds outside McFouFou branches across the country, waiting to find out what this new look McDonalds has to offer. One eager man in the queue said “Only yesterday the sign on this building said McDonalds, this morning its says McFouFou! Ei wonders shall never end oh. This is like sister Vikki, one minute she’s in the next minute she’s out! But anyway, we are really excited about this development.”

Our sources can also confirm that, the reforms go far beyond the name change. The menu has also seen some exciting changes which will undoubtedly be a hit with locals. Some of the exciting names on the new menu card include McIceKenkey, McKomfem Nuggets and McZonto Burger. There is also the McFouFou Gargantuan Edition, which nutritionists strongly advice that it is served only after 1PM due to the high risk of nigeritis.

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