McQueen, Lupita Team Up In New Movie ‘Ghana: 57 Years A Joke’

Steve McQueen, director of the hit movie ’12 Years A Slave’, has once again teamed up with Hollywood’s latest sensation, Lupita Nyong’o in a new movie– ‘Ghana: 57 Years A Joke.’

The new film is a historical drama and an adaptation of the memoirs of Ghana (played by Lupita Nyong’o), an immensely strong African woman, full of promise and enormous potential, yet she finds herself caught up in a cycle of poverty.

Ghana’s deeply moving story is one of unfulfilled potentials which has come about largely because of a knack for choosing the wrong men. Forced into an early marriage, Ghana endured horrific abuse at the hands of Union Jack, her first partner. Her subsequent marriages, which have all been consensual, have similarly retarded her personal progress. The Johns and all the other military boys have ploughed through her, each plucking away her valuables for their selfish ends without giving much in return.

The story of the abuse and exploitation of this vulnerable and all too welcoming woman does not end there. The greedy friends of her partners also seem to have unbridled access to her assets. Ghana’s men, past and present, will unashamedly have their palms greased with pittance as they stand by and watch the Uncle Sams and the Brother Chow Meins force themselves upon her, violating her in every way possible.

In this tragic drama, Ghana’s children come off the worse. They still die of malaria and the shade of the big Onyina tree still serves as their classroom. They still sleep in darkness and they count it a great blessing if they can find a cup of water to quench their thirst in the sweltering heat. They are surviving but only just.

‘Ghana: 57 Years A Slave’ which is set to hit the big screens today is expected to be a box office hit.

An excited McQueen hoped the movie, which he describes as “a devastatingly shocking account of how talent and potential can be wasted”, will be followed by a sequel ‘Ghana: 100 Years A Success’.





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