Mugabe set to challenge Hayatou for CAF prez as age limit is scrapped

The 91 year old Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe has announced intentions to run for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) presidency following a decision by the organisation to remove an age limit on its officials.

The decision to allow officials to serve past the age of 70 was widely viewed as an attempt by the 68 year old Issa Hayatou to extend his stay at the helm of the confederation. This has however backfired, inadvertently opening up the door for another dinosaur to contest for Africa’s football top job in 2017.

A statement from Mugabe said “I am today announcing my candidacy for the president of the Confederation of African Football. I run because I am a better candidate and the record speaks for itself. I have been president of Zimbabwe since 1987, Issa Hayatou only since 1988. With that extra year of experience under my belt, I will be more clever and deft at receiving bribes, embezzling funds and undertaking all the other important duties to be undertaken by the head of CAF.”

Issa Hayatou whose current mandate ends in two years appealed for another term because “27 years is not enough time to finish the good work” he begun.

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