Mugabe to advice Mahama on dealing with public outcry over declining economy

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is set to travel to Accra to help the Ghanaian government set up a PR strategy to deal with the country’s West African nation’s declining economic fortunes.

A statement purportedly issued by the Ghanaian government revealed Mr. Mugabe will be advising a special PR team set up to deal with incessant criticisms from citizens who have nothing better to do other than moan about the deplorable state of the economy.

Mugabe’s effective PR strategy has allowed him to remain in power for 26 years in the face of Zimbabwe’s challenging economic circumstances and the Ghanaian government hopes to tap into such a wealth of experience.

A statement issued by the Zimbabwean leader confirmed his trip to Accra and also commended the Ghanaian government officials for the great work so far, “President Mugabe will be advising Ghanaian leaders on how to blame everyone else for the economic mess.”

“Ghanaian leaders are already doing well blaming everyone but themselves. The dwarfs, the rise in the number of skyscrapers in Accra and now the donor community,” the statement ended.


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