Netflix acquires streaming rights for new series ‘Keeping Up With The Bongos’

Netflix has stepped up its bid to gain a foothold in the African market with the announcement of the acquisition of global streaming rights for a reality TV series showcasing the jet-set lifestyle of one of Africa’s kleptocrats.

Keeping Up with the Bongos according to Netflix is a never-ending reality television series centred around the Bongo family who have been ruling Gabon since 1935. The current president, Ali Bongo– who reportedly paid Barcelona forward Lionel Messi £2.4million to visit Gabon, succeeded his father Omar Bongo Ondimba who ruled the Central African nation for 42 years.

This announcement comes only weeks after Netflix launched its streaming service in 54 African countries. This means the people of Gabon can now pay to watch the stupendously lavish lifestyle of the first family as they shuffle between their 45 homes in France, including a $120 million 18th century mansion in the centre of Paris.

President Ali Bongo’s Californian wife, Inge is expected to feel at home on TV, given her previous television experience appearing on the VH1 reality show Really Rich Real Estate on which she was filmed putting down a $25 million bid for a mansion in Malibu.

A spokesman for Netflix disclosed plans to acquire streaming rights for similar reality shows featuring the Dos Santos’ of Angola, Obiangs of Equatorial Guinea and the steadily rising Mahamas of Ghana. “This will be great entertainment,” said the spokesman. “Call it Netflix and Chill meets Loot and Chill”