News Reporter Fired For Showing Happy Africans

A junior journalist at a top western TV station has been fired for reporting on and showing pictures of healthy and happy African children.

The news report which depicted the three children (pictured above) as healthy, cheerful and full of life, just like other children in Europe and North America, has been deemed by directors of the TV station “to be in violation of company policy.” The official statement read, “This kind of journalistic impropriety exhibited by our former employee must be discouraged and stamped out at all cost. Such reports are not in keeping with the western media’s standards of reportage on Africa and its people. And more importantly, such non-sensational reports on the continent drive down our viewership ratings.”

“When it comes to reporting on Africa, we adopt the maxim ‘worse is best.’ The Pulitzer prize-winning photograph, ‘The Vulture and The Child’ is our benchmark. So any time we put Africa in the news, it has to be for the right reasons- emaciated children with flies swarming their lips; poor, uneducated HIV positive rural-dwelling women in abusive marriages; and machete and AK-47 wielding men slaughtering each other over land and resources.”

Our sources indicate the jobless journalist applied for a job at several African news agencies, but later withdrew his application when he discovered that most of these African media outlets cull their African news stories from the same western media corporation that just gave him his marching orders.

Attempts to contact the journalist in question proved futile.

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