NigeriaDecides: PDP and APC battle for newly created Ghana State

Nigeria’s main political parties, the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) are engaged in a fierce battle for the governorship seat of Ghana State- Nigeria’s newly created overseas territory.

According to Nigerian electoral authorities, the creation of Ghana State and the resultant need for a state governor will provide one of the many Nigerian ogas resident in Ghana with an opportunity to add the title of a “State Governor” to their already impressive list of titles and accolades.

Many Ghanaians who spoke to our reporters said they only became aware of this development earlier this week when several APC billboards sprung up at various points within Accra.

Although the state governor will have no political power under Ghanaian laws, the winner be expected to work closely with local authorities to ensure that the numerous Nigerian churches in Ghana- which have in recent years lost a huge part of their market share to certain Ghanaian churches- will get the needed political and financial assistance to regain lost grounds.

Explaining his vision for Nigerian churches in Ghana, APC’s candidate promised to provide Nigerian church leaders with huge financial backing to acquire multi-complex church buildings as well as private jets and more luxury cars to regain their status in the Ghanaian market. “Back in the day only Nigerians owned mega churches in Ghana but the situation is different now. To beat off competition, we need to step it up a level; private jets and more luxury cars. People will start trooping in if we tell them they will be blessed with similar things if they come to our churches,” he explained.

PDP’s candidate on the other hand promised to give struggling Nigerian churches “a competitive edge.” He explained that miracles and prophecies- whether they come to pass or not, have always been key in growing church numbers. “I will bring over the biggest miracle workers and hindsight prophets in Nigeria to spark interest in Nigerian churches in Ghana.”

Political analysts say they expect more APC and PDP billboards to flood Accra and other parts of Ghana in the run up to the Nigerian elections in February.

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