Nigerian attempts to acquire Chelsea FC 

Just days after Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote declared intentions to acquire Arsenal Football Club, another Nigerian has reportedly launched an audacious attempt to acquire Chelsea F.C from current owner Roman Abramovich.

Chief Goodluck Temimobele hoped to to acquire the newly crowned English Premier League champions in an elaborate 419 scheme.
Below is the email the Nigerian sent Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich:
Hello my dearest august friend.
I am introducing myself to you as Chief Sir Engineer Barrister Goodluck Temimobele. I am very august and prominent Nigeria citizens. I even acquire my titles for 1, 000, 000 US dollars each, so you know I am one true Oga.
Since birth I have been leaving in Nigeria but due to Boko Haram troubles I have now moved to Manhattan near Washington DC with my beautiful wife- no pimples. But because of hard international bank law, an Oga like myself are not able to be allowed to make huge and large inter-continental money transfer from my account in Switzerland to the bank here in America.
My august friend, with your small help I want transfer this 173 billion US dollars from my Europe Zurich account to here in America. I will transfer this billions into your London account and when you bring me the money here in America I give you full 10 percentage of totals.
So what I need from you now is your own bank account details so I transfer money for you now now. But before that, you need to prove to me that you are genuine Abramovich, the owners of Chelsea club in London. I want to know I can trust you as my brother. So without delay, transfer all the Chelsea FC ownership document into the name of Chief Sir Engineer Barrister Goodluck Temimobele and send it to my address in Lagos Nigeria. After I have receive money in my America account, I’ll send Chelsea documents back into you in London. But please make sure you sell Obi Mikel before you put my name on the papers. Thank you! 
I also add one more things, get me one British passport as a show of our new friendship. Send am to my Lagos address too.
With true brother love and God bless you,
Your august friend Chief Sir Engineer Barrister Goodluck Temimobele .

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