Nigerians accuse Kenyan media of ignoring terrorist attack in Yola

Nigerians have taken to social media to vent their frustrations over the failure of Kenyan media organisations to give prominent coverage to the latest Boko Haram attacks in the northeastern Nigerian city of Yola which has claimed the lives of 32 people and wounded 80.

The Nigerians have accused media organisations in the Eastern African nation of being “inherently biased” in their news coverage, only focusing on stories of local interest and ignoring the dreadful loss of lives in Nigeria. One Nigerian made her point with a tweet which has since been retweeted over 5000 times: “It’s been over 11 months since BH massacred over 2000 in Baga but I’m yet to catch a glimpse of a Kenyan journalist anywhere near here. Maybe Kenyans don’t care about Nigerians that much.”

Other critics accused the Kenyan media of being “shamefully selective” for prioritising stories that immediately affect Kenyans and people in the East African sub-region, while ignoring the Boko Haram insurgency that claimed the lives of at least 17,000 Nigerians and left another 2.5 million homeless.

“Banner headlines in Kenya are unfairly dominated by Odinga and Kenyatta while the death of Nigerians are routinely buried in the middle pages, if it makes the news at all,” said another tweet.

The Kenyan media has responded to critics, counter-accusing the Nigerians of double standards. “Nigerians didn’t care to set up permanent media posts in Sierra Leone and Liberia during the Ebola outbreak, they, like us, relied heavily on the BBCs and the CNNs for coverage of events in their backyard.”

Another Kenyan hit back at critics arguing that “it is unfair to expect others to give extensive coverage to tragedies in Nigeria while the local Nigerian media sits back unconcerned.”